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Pura Fé

Pura Fé (Tuscarora/Taino) is an Indigenous activist, singer-songwriter, and storyteller known for her distinct, soulful vocals. As the founding member of the internationally renowned Indigenous women’s a cappella group Ulali, Pura Fé helped to create a movement throughout Turtle Island. Pura Fé continues to empower Indigenous women and has bridged the gap for Indigenous music in today’s mainstream music scene.

With a voice that expands across musical genres, Pura Fé’s soulful voice and lap-steel slide guitar has brought her around the world. Her body of musical work is extensive, including six solo albums, of which Tuscarora Nation Blues won her a Grand Prix from the Académie Charles Cros for Best World Album in 2006, and Follow Your Heart’s Desire which led to a Native American Music Award for Best Female Artist. Pura Fé’s music has been featured in movies, documentaries and television commercials. She tours world festivals and has earned platinum album sales in Italy. She supports many social injustice gatherings as a presenter and musician. She leads musical workshops and college courses and was featured in the award-winning 2017 documentary, RUMBLE: The Indians that Rocked the World.