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Neon Dreams

In 2019, Neon Dreams released Sweet Dream till Sunbeams — an album comprising of nine uplifting songs about not fitting in and overcoming adversity. The duo, consisting of vocalist Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris, has continued to drop new material this year, covering subjects from Kadillac’s painful youth to his mother beating cancer. Though they consider themselves to be “alt-pop,” Neon Dreams’ music can’t be pigeonholed. Kadillac likes to describe their sound as “if Adam Levine and Gym Class Heroes made a band that was influenced by early 2000s, late ‘90s inspirational coming of age movie soundtracks.” They mix rock with pop sensibilities, and at times Kadillac rap-sings. He also gives a nod to the hip-hop community by referencing other artists’ lyrics in his own. “I like triggering people’s memory when they hear something that’s familiar to them,” he says. But really, he and Morris write music from their hearts without being concerned about genre, and incorporate everything from EDM to reggae in their sound. “I want to be the soundtrack for the next generation,” Kadillac proclaims. “I’m not writing for a bunch of cool kids. I’m writing for the kid sitting in the hallway eating lunch, the kid that has the perfect family but just doesn’t fit into it; the people who feel out of place.”