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Mattmac is a blind Oji-Cree music producer and recording artist from Garden Hill First Nation, Man. Mattmac’s melodic pop-trap beats and inspiring story has quickly established him as an artist to watch. A fully self-taught artist, he first began to make beats and write songs when he was 13 years old, and later taught himself how to play piano and guitar. He also has impressive skills with beat production software and equipment, and attributes his creative competencies to the support of the Blind & Famous group — a USA-based collective of blind music artists who collaborate and connect with one another through the internet.

Mattmac’s debut album currently has over 400,000 streams across platforms. 20/20 features poppy vocals combined with hard-hitting trap beats and thoughtful, honest lyrics. Mattmac’s lyricism gives listeners a glimpse into the mind of a blind creative. He shares his journey of hardships and challenges while also celebrating love and his community on the rez. With heavy local support, the eight-track album’s lead single, “Paradise,” has become both a national and local sensation in the Canadian music circuit.